Succes with the best!


Success with the best


The Headmaster's note

Global Arts Studios, School of Fine Arts was created by artists with inspiration, passion and the will to contribute to the promotion of arts and culture in Greece.

We educate our students in the fields of fine arts, architecture, graphic design, music, theatre and dance. Our students' success every year in universities and higher education institutions give us the strength to continue developing.

Our services

At Global Arts Studios you find your own way in Arts: Art, Theater, Dance, Music

Success with the best! Our strength is our knowledge, our love for art and the way we teach our students.

Responsibility with important partnerships
Responsibility with important partnerships

Our teachers and our partners are people with experience and knowledge in their field, working responsibly to accomplish the best results possible.

Our students success in Colleges and Universities
Our students success in Colleges and Universities

Each year our students accomplish their acceptance in higher Education Institutions in Greece and abroad which approves the hard work we do every day at Global Arts Studios. Their accomplishments help us evolve and progress.

Performances of the school
Performances of the school

Art does not exist without the audience. We believe our students should present their work to the audience. We organize performances, exhibitions, festivals and concerts for our students. Our theatre, dance and music productions are highly quality performances. We are sure that the confrontation and contact with the public is essential for our learners.

Future view in Arts
Future view in Arts

We aim to find the best educational lane for our students. The future is not distant, the dream is not impossible.


Our classes

Contemporary dance
Dramatic play
Acting for teenagers
Creative writing
Musical pre-education for young children
Free drawing - Architectural plan
Preparation for schools of fine arts
Foundation for European Universities
2D Animation

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